Hello! My name is Patrizia (Paz) Spinelli and I’m an illustrator and a photographer. The reason why, in addition to my site I’ve decided to create a tumblr blog, is mainly because I would love to receive feedbacks and inputs from viewers and Tumblr is simply fantastic for this kind of social and cultural exchange. The Victorian Explorer is the evolution of a personal experiment about multiple exposure and, more precisely, about the attempt to simulate the look and feel of some old, forgotten Victorian age plates, maybe discarded by the photographer because erroneously double exposed. My source of inspiration are visionary readings like Jules Verne's utopian tales, Emilio Salgari's exotic adventures and the phantasmagoric Voyages très extraordinaires de Saturnin Farandoul by Albert Robida. I’m also a passionate lover of Victorian history and an incurable fan of the wonderful cinematography production by 19th century genius Georges Méliès.